$7,000 car washing online car sale is up $7000 in price

A $7k car washing car sale has been cancelled, with a spokesperson telling the ABC it was not a viable option for the company.

Key points:The car wash was set to take place on the weekend at the El Camino Car Wash in CairnsThe car washing company, which had sold cars online for a few years, was going to take it offlineThe Car Wash announced it was cancelling the sale onlineThe spokesperson for Car Wash, in Cairside, said the company was not yet able to find a buyer for the car wash and was currently in discussions with prospective buyers.

“Due to the current situation we cannot be at this time,” the spokesperson said.

“We are currently in negotiations with potential buyers to complete the sale.”

Car Wash was set up by the company, called Car Wash Kids, which was set out in 2016 to give kids the opportunity to get their car washed by car.

The company was planning to run two car wash locations in the Cairnes, one in Crows Nest and one in Westmead, as well as two car-wash outlets in Melbourne and Brisbane.

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