‘Airbnb for cars’: Car rental services offer a free ‘airbnb for car’ service that allows users to rent cars anonymously in a ‘safe and secure environment’

The tech giant is rolling out a new feature that allows people to rent private cars through its car rental service, AirBnB.

The company has been rolling out similar features to help people in rural areas, and AirBb now supports AirBnb-style rentals through the app.

This is the first time AirBbs own cars have been used in a public service.

Airbnb is adding AirBubbles to its services in order to make the rental experience easier for users and help with the cost of air travel.

“Airbnb’s CarRental service is about making it easier for guests to find and rent cars in their local area,” Airbnb told The Verge in a statement.

“We’re introducing a new service called AirBubs, which will let you share your airbobed vehicles with the rest of the world for free, so they can continue to explore the world.”

Airbnb added that AirBubbles can be used to make rental cars available in hotels and car rental centers, so people who want to take their car to the airport can rent it for free.

The AirBubby service, which is currently available in select cities, allows users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and India to rent vehicles in the same way they would if they were using Airbnb.

Users can share a car and invite others to share a vehicle, and the cars are then shared in the public parking lot of a hotel.

Airbnb has been partnering with hoteliers to share its cars with guests, and they’re able to charge guests for the use of the cars through their app.

Airbnb currently has about 20 million active users, and Airbnb has plans to expand its services.