Alessa Cara on how to beat the pain and suffering of her cancer diagnosis

Cara, one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood, has a cancer diagnosis and has had to deal with an uncertain future.

She has also been battling with anxiety and depression.

Here are her thoughts on how she is coping and what the future holds.

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She’s been through four rounds of chemo and radiation treatments and has been on the receiving end of the heaviest criticism of her career.

She said she had to fight with her mental health for four years.

“I feel like I have a lot of stress and I’ve had so many fights with the disease,” she said.

“It’s been tough for me.

I feel so sick that I feel like crying every day.”

She said the biggest thing she’s learnt is to get outside and play.

“Being out there playing, playing, is the best thing I’ve ever had to do in my life,” she added.

Alessa said the only thing that has kept her going through it is her husband.

“He’s the one who always keeps me going, because he knows I can’t do anything about it,” she told ABC News.

“My family has helped me so much, and I don’t want them to lose hope or anything.

I just want to give them hope.”

Alessa has made a new career, becoming a motivational speaker and motivational coach.

She spoke about her experience in the film “A Few Good Men” and said the role of a “breathless woman” in a film that was a vehicle for women’s empowerment is “a very good way to live”.

“You have to be really fearless in your life and that is what I have always been,” she continued.

“So, it’s just like being a breathless woman.”

She also discussed her new film “The Story of My Life”.

It is a documentary about her life that she hopes will inspire other women.

Alessia’s life story “When I first started doing this I didn’t know it was a real thing,” she shared.

“But now, it has been a really interesting journey and it’s been a real adventure for me and I’m really grateful for it.”

“I’m really thankful that I had this opportunity to do it, because I was scared to death, and to be honest, I didn´t even know it would be that hard,” she concluded.

Alresas life has been inspiring to her family, her friends and her fans, and it has made her a better person.

“In a way, the biggest challenge has been that I’ve been so scared and afraid to say anything to people,” she explained.

Alessias career and life has inspired many other women to pursue their dreams, including Alessa herself. “

When you are a little more open, you have a better chance to get through it.”

Alessias career and life has inspired many other women to pursue their dreams, including Alessa herself.

Alses husband has helped her achieve her dreams.

“She’s the best wife, the best mother, the greatest mother, I’ve got nothing but love for her,” she laughed.

“That’s what it means to be a woman.”

Alasas life story can be viewed in the new ABC movie, “The story of my life”.

“A few good men”, directed by Timo van der Meer, will premiere on the ABC in the UK on Sunday night.

It is available to stream online and on the Apple TV and Roku.

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