Car wash, car vacuum, and hospice care packages offered by Israelis

An array of care packages are available to Israelis who can’t afford basic necessities, such as groceries, in order to save money.

A care package offered by a hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, for people who need to buy groceries is worth about $2.80 a day.

Car Wash in the West Bank, a car rental company, is offering care packages to residents who can afford to spend an extra $1.50 a day on car insurance, food, and other essentials.

Hospice Care is offering a care package worth about one-fourth of the cost of basic necessities in Israel for people with no other means to survive.

Israeli authorities are considering introducing care packages for people in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, and a number of other services, including free dental care, food and clothing, and mental health counseling.

The price of food, water, and gas in Israel has increased significantly since the beginning of the year, but Israelis are still struggling to make ends meet.

In recent weeks, Israeli citizens have been complaining that the price of basic essentials has been increasing rapidly, while their government continues to fail to provide enough food to feed the population.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will increase food subsidies to $200 per family, which will help provide for the food security needs of the Jewish state.

The announcement came just days after Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that the government has not received enough money from donors to meet its food needs. 

Israel’s Food and Agriculture Ministry said that it has received $7.2 billion from donors in 2017, and that about $4.5 billion of that has already been spent.

The rest has been paid out to various charities, which Israel has said will benefit from the funds.

The amount of money that the ministry has received so far has reached just over $3 billion.