Cars 2: Cheap car rentals and Teslas 2: Exer urgent health care

Cars 2 has released the latest in its ongoing series on affordable and fast car rentals in the United States.

The first installment of the series, Cars 2 for Dummies, was released on September 28, 2018, with the second installment, Cars 3 for Dums, scheduled for October 4.

A new segment in Cars 2, Cars for Dumps, aims to help consumers understand what to expect from a new vehicle rental, including how to find a car rental company.

In Cars 3, Cars For Dummies: A Dump, Cars can search for vehicles from different locales, such as the suburbs or the cities, as well as from specific regions such as Texas, California, New York City, or even the suburbs of Austin.

“Dumps can be anything from a vehicle being towed, to a vehicle parked for longer than the advertised period, to an abandoned vehicle that is being kept in a garage, to even a vehicle left on the side of the road,” Cars 2 says in the video.

“Dumps are perfect for finding affordable rental cars.”

In addition to a breakdown of car rentals by region, Cars 1 and Cars 2 also detail the best cars available in each state.

Cars 3 has been updated to feature a breakdown by type of car.

As Cars 2 and Cars 3 continue to release, Cars 4 will include a breakdown for cars with different pricing.

Cars 4 is slated for release on October 17.