Cars stickers are on the rise, says research firm

Cars have been getting better in some ways, but they’re still far from ubiquitous.

A new report from car stickers company CarStuff finds that while the technology has improved over the years, the market has remained stagnant.

Read moreThe report, which is based on a study of 1.3 million car stickers from the U.S. and Mexico, finds that the sticker market is on the upswing.

That’s largely because car stickers are more popular in Mexico than in the U, and are also seen as a way for shoppers to show their support for the local car brand.

In the U., stickers are usually used in place of a vehicle’s license plate or other information.

The report also finds that stickers are seen as less threatening to consumers, and that consumers don’t necessarily care if a sticker is an expensive car accessory.

“Most of the sticker purchases are done on the assumption that the car sticker is worth a few bucks, rather than that it will help the buyer,” the report says.