Cheap cars are back in the US after being banned in Japan

Cars were banned in the United States and Japan last year after becoming popular with children, but the ban has been overturned in both countries after a nationwide recall campaign.

The cars were found to contain lead paint that was not tested and lead was not detected in the cars, prompting the ban.

The car companies said they would start replacing the cars.

The US and Japan are the only two countries to have banned cars from using lead paint, and the ban was in place for cars sold in 2014 and earlier.

But a recall is underway to test and replace the cars with a more suitable type of paint.

The recall was launched by the American Automobile Association, the American Chemistry Council, the United Auto Workers union, and other trade groups.

The United States banned lead paint in cars in 2012.

It has since introduced a new law that includes new testing requirements for car manufacturers to find and test for lead paint.