Ferrari makes a new car, makes it big with a brand new name – FT

Ferrari has revealed a new and bigger car, offering a fresh take on the supermini, with a more powerful engine, a bigger battery and an extra 10% more power than the car it replaces.

It’s the first new Ferrari to use the word Ferrari, a play on the word “ferrari”, which has been used to describe the brand since before the Italian company was founded.

The new car is called the 458 Italia and it is based on the current generation of the Ferrari 458.

Ferrari says the new car has been designed by Ferrari team boss Marco Mattiacci and his team in the UK.

“We’ve worked with Ferrari team member Marco Mattia to create a new Ferrari and it has been developed in the new Ferrari headquarters in Tuscany,” Ferrari said in a statement.

Its name is also new, with the car going by the new name Ferrari Careers Builder, after Ferrari Career Builder, the name of the company that manages Ferrari’s business.

For the past few years, Ferrari has focused on its sports cars, most notably the 458 Spider, and has been working on a new supermini.

But in the past three years, the company has been trying to take on other industries.

In September, it unveiled a new range of sports cars.

However, the car that will replace it, the 458 italia, will be the world’s biggest car.

So far, the new model has already been tested on an array of tracks, including Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans and Le Mans 24 Hours.

Mattia said the 458 CareersBuilder would be able to drive as fast as the current Ferrari 488 Spider, which is now on sale in the US for $230,000.

What are the specs?

The new car uses a four-cylinder engine, and uses a 4,400hp, 5,200lb-ft (1,816kW) petrol engine.

This is a four cylinder, four cylinder turbocharged four-stroke engine that can go from 0-62mph in 4.7sec and top speed of 210mph (332km/h).

The car has a front-mounted electric motor, which produces 200hp, and an electric rear-mounted motor, with 200hp and 240lb-foot (3.8kg) of torque.

With the car, Mattiaci is taking Ferrari’s sporty nature into a new arena.

He has already said that the new sporty sports car will be very similar to the 458.

It will be powered by a single motor, meaning it will be able both to drive a normal car and one that can do tricks like the Ferrari 360 Scrambler.

To make the 458 he says it has to be as powerful as the previous generation, which was powered by two engines.

That’s not the only thing the 458 will have to do, it has an aluminium body, so it will have the same proportions as the 458, so the car will look a lot like the 458 but will also have a wider stance, which will make it easier to navigate around the track.

We’ve been using the new 458 for many years, so I think we’re in good hands.

Mattiacicci said it will offer more power and torque than the current version, which has the same size engine.

“For me, I like to have power, and I also like to be in a place that can push the boundaries of the car,” he said.

“So I think that’s what we’re going to deliver with the 458.”

The 458 CareerBuilder will also be the first supermini to use a battery pack.

It has a capacity of 6,400kWh, which means that the car can run for up to three days without recharging.

There are also some interesting technical changes, as Mattiacucci explained that the 458 is now a hybrid.

Instead of a battery, the power comes from electric motors, with one powering the front wheels, the other powering the rear wheels.

Because of the battery, it can go for up the distance of 4.2 miles on a single charge, which Mattiacuci says is a lot.

While the 458 has a petrol engine, it is the electric motors that are the real difference between the 458 and the 458careerbuilder.

As Mattiaccci explains, the petrol engine is not used for power and can only be switched off when the car is at high speed, for example when accelerating or when braking.

Now that’s a very different design.

It’s the batteries that are used to keep the car running, Mattiarici explained.

Why is the car called Careersbuilder?

Because it is a new company, which runs on the theme of Careers.

Careers Builder is named after