How much will the car seat cost?

Car seat manufacturer Muscle Car Wash is hoping its $5 million, 5,000-kilogram muscle car seat will keep your child safe during a crash.

Key points:The car seat uses the same technology used in a bicycle, motorcycle and scooterThe car seats weighs 5,200 kilogramsThe new system has been in development for six yearsThe company says the technology is similar to what you would find in a scooter and bicycleThe company has released a video showing the new car seat and how it will fit in your car.

The company, which makes car seats for older and disabled people, says the new technology will help protect people from crashes.

“We’re bringing this technology into the automotive space because it’s been proven that seat belts work,” Mr Gee said.

“It is actually one of the safer ways to protect people in the car.”

Mr Gee’s company, Muscle Car Shops, says its 5,500-kilometre, 7,500 pound (4,000 kilogram) new seat is made with the same materials and engineering used in bicycle and motorcycle seatbelts.

“That is a combination of technology and manufacturing techniques that has been proven to reduce impact and reduce the risk of injury and death,” Mr Burch said.

He said the company was now testing a similar system in a larger model.

“The car is still in development and there is still a lot of work to do to get the vehicle ready to roll out,” Mr Brabham said.

A motorcyclist uses the new seat on his bike.

The new seat will not replace the current car seat.

It will be installed on older vehicles and those with fewer seatbelting requirements.

The car was designed to be used in motorcyclists and other motorcyclers.

“You’re basically replacing a bicycle seat with a seat,” Mr Rugg said.

The safety benefits of the car seats include reducing neck, shoulder and hip injuries.

“This is not just a bicycle safety feature.

It is an essential safety feature of motorcyclism,” Mr Kelleher said.

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