How the Apple Watch 3 was made to be more affordable

Carly Pearce, senior director of design at Apple, recently spoke with Ars Technic’s Paul O’Connor about the Watch 3’s design and what to expect from the upcoming device.

Pearce said that while the Watch 2 had a large screen and a very small battery, the new Apple Watch has a smaller screen, and a larger battery, as well as the ability to display text.

The new watch will also be thinner and lighter than the Watch 1, which is a nice touch.

The Watch 3 will also sport an optional glass display, which Apple says will make the Watch more comfortable to wear.

We’re still waiting for details on what the display will look like, but we’re told it will have a larger display than the one on the Watch, so it should offer better legibility and feel.

Pearcce also shared that the new Watch will have an ambient light sensor that can detect changes in ambient light.

Pearcy also shared a few more details about the new watch, including its size and how much it will cost.

The new Watch 3 comes with a new “Power and Activity” app.

While it’s no longer called the Apple Health app, the app is still there.

We assume it’ll be used to measure steps, calories burned, and more.

It will also track your activity over time.

The Watch 3 is the first Apple Watch to support Apple’s Health app.

Pearces stated that it will track your sleep, and that you can also use the watch’s accelerometer to track your heart rate.

There will also reportedly be a new Apple Health and Fitness app.

That will have “smart notifications,” according to Pearce.

The watch will then notify you when it thinks you’re getting enough sleep, or you’re doing too much in the morning.

It’ll also have your exercise data, and your sleep data.

We’ll see the Watch in more stores, including the Apple Store in New York City.