How to buy a fast food meal and pay for it with cash

Buy a fast-food meal and put money into your bank account, but don’t leave your phone at home.

This is what a tipster from Boston told us about how to do it, and it may not sound like a hard task. 

The tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she purchased her meal at a local drive-thru restaurant.

She told us that she paid with a credit card and that the tip came from a friend. 

We reached out to the tipster to find out more, and we learned that her tip came directly from the restaurant. 

What she paid for the meal was $7.99. 

After the tip was given, she used the $7-per-plate option to get the entire meal for $14.99, which would net her $30.60. 

When she used her tip on the $15 meal, she got $5 off her entire meal. 

For this tip, she also received a free $1 Starbucks gift card for use in the next month, which is the maximum she could get for this tip. 

How to pay with cash to pay for a fast meal and get the full $30 per plate tipWhen the tip wasn’t enough to buy the full meal, the tip got redirected to a credit or debit card. 

This is where the tip is made to cover the remaining cost of the meal.

This tip comes from a credit and debit card used to pay at the drive-Thru restaurant, the Boston Globe reported. 

A quick search on the website shows that this tip comes directly from a source within the fast-casual chain. 

“There are people who use tip to cover their dining bill,” the tipsy tipster told us.

“They’re really good at it, because they know they’re going to have to get more money.” 

“When I got this tip I was thinking, Wow, this is really great, but I’m also worried that I’m going to make a ton of money and then I’ll have to throw it away.

I’m afraid I’m just going to throw money away. 

That is not the case,” the Boston tipster said.

“My tip is a little bit different because I actually have to buy food, so I’ve got to pay off the debt.

It’s also not a lot of money, but it’s not that bad. 

I don’t have a problem with people taking their food and paying for it out of their own pocket, because that’s what the tip does.” 

A tipster who also wanted to remain unnamed told us the tip comes to about $15 per plate. 

Fast-food restaurants can use the tips to cover rent and food costs for the entire restaurant, which could amount to a total of $90 a day for the restaurant or more. 

If you have a tip, here are some things you can do with it:Pay your rent and utilitiesFast-casually restaurants can pay for food with cash.

You can get a tip on this by visiting the restaurant’s website and checking the option to pay by credit card.

Pay with a debit card, or pay for your meal using your tip, and you’ll be able to pay your rent or utility bill in cash. 

Pay your utility bill with a tip.

There are a few options for this, including: a debit or credit card with an ATM, a check made out to a local gas station, or a direct deposit to your bank. 

Cash is your friend when it comes to tipping.

The Boston tip says she put $2.40 in her tip jar, and her friend put $3.85.

She added a tip to her debit card to cover her $5 bill. 

And if you’re paying with a cashier’s check, the person behind the counter will take your tip.

You’ll get a credit toward your bill.