How to save money with an electric car

The best way to save on car rental and auto insurance costs is to rent a sports car or an electric vehicle, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).NHTAS chief engineer Mark Meyers said he expects the market to continue to grow in the coming years.

“The market is very diverse,” Meyers told CNBC.

“There are a lot of different things people are looking for.”

The NHTSA’s latest annual car rental report, released Monday, showed a 15 percent increase in rentals from last year, to 7.4 million cars.

But Meyers says it is hard to predict how much people will be willing to pay for the new cars.

“There are going to be people who will be interested in a lot more cars,” he said.

“But the majority of people are going for a couple of things.”

Meyers said many consumers would prefer to rent from a dealership rather than from an authorized rental agency, because dealerships typically have higher fees than the online rental agencies.NHTAs own-brand car rental agency is a little more than one-third of what one would pay for a used car, according the agency.

That is in contrast to the NHTAS, which has about half of its vehicles rented out.

But if you do have the cash to spend, Meyers recommends finding a place to park the car in your neighborhood.

“You can have a lot less stress on your wallet because you’re not paying for a rental agency,” Meyer said.

“It’s a great way to go in terms of keeping your money in your pocket and having it in your own hands.”

To get a sense of the potential savings from a Tesla, take a look at its price tag.

The Tesla Model S starts at $70,000, and the Model X starts at about $115,000.

The new $70 per month Tesla plan starts with a six-month free car loan and $3,000 monthly Tesla financing.

The Model S and Model X will also have discounted financing for the first year, which starts at just $1,500.

A Tesla spokesman said the new car lease program was designed to help the company attract more customers and lower the cost of its new cars, including the Model S, which is available to lease for $34,995.

“We have a very low car rental rate compared to what we see on the open market,” said Jeremy McBride, a Tesla spokesman.

“We’re working with our network partners to get more people leasing their cars.”

In the meantime, you can get a look into what the next big car rental boom will look like by visiting the Nhts car rental site.

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