How to take a selfie with your car’s dashboard on your mobile phone

When you need to snap a quick picture, you need a good smartphone.

That means you need an app to get it done.

And a camera to capture it.

The iPhone and iPad have always been pretty good at that.

And now, a company called Locus, has a smartphone app that lets you take selfies from the dashboard of your car.

What it’s all about Locus uses the car’s built-in cameras to automatically snap photos from the dash of a car you’re driving.

If the car is on its side, the app will use the rear-facing camera.

If you’re in the driver’s seat, the rear camera will show up on the driver seat and the front camera will be mounted in the front passenger seat.

It works by detecting the angle of the camera and using a combination of the driver and passenger’s height and width to calculate the angle at which the camera will capture the image.

Using a pair of glasses, the user can adjust the angle, and the app tells the driver when it’s done.

Lenses on iPhones and iPads can capture 360-degree images, but the iPhone and iPod Touch aren’t particularly good at capturing a wide variety of angles.

Locus claims it can take a variety of shots, including panoramic shots, perspective shots, and even from behind the wheel.

For more information on this car-related product, check out Locus’ website, which also has some more detailed instructions on how to use it.

The company says it’s now working with automakers to create its own version of the Locus app.