I just bought a new car…

The average American family spends $7,600 annually on car purchases.

A new car can cost up to $80,000.

That means buying a new vehicle can be the difference between life and death. 

The average American spends about $8,000 on gas a year, and that includes taxes, insurance, and other expenses.

A car costs about $50,000 to make and runs $70,000, according to the American Automobile Association.

That means that the cost of a new Toyota Camry or Lexus ES300 can be about $100,000 cheaper than a new Ford Focus ST.

That’s because the new vehicle is less expensive to buy and maintain, and the maintenance costs are less.

In addition, many people drive less because they have more space on their gas bills.

A Toyota Camrys average fuel consumption is 7.4 gallons per mile.

A Focus ST is only about 2.6 gallons per hour.

That gives a Camry about an average fuel economy of 21.9 miles per gallon.

A Camry is about 14.7 miles per mile, and a Focus STs average fuel efficiency is 13.7.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you may be able to save even more money.

Most major metropolitan areas have their own car dealers.

These dealers sell cars at lower prices, and some may even be selling the same cars at different prices.

The cheapest price a new Lexus IS 250 will run is $21,000 if you buy the car in December.

A similar model can cost about $23,000 after a $7K down payment.

If you’re looking to get a used car, you’ll likely pay more than the sticker price.

A used Toyota Corolla, for example, starts at $18,600 and can be had for as little as $8500 after a down payment of about $14,000 and an auto-title company.

That car can go for as much as $27,500 after the down payment and an additional $4,000 in fees and taxes.

The average cost of buying a car is $16,600.

The average cost is $20,000 for a used Toyota Sienna.

The Sienna is about 10% more expensive than the Ford Focus.

The bottom line: It’s possible to save money by getting a new or used car.

However, there are many costs to consider when buying a used vehicle.

The American Automotive Association defines a used automobile as: “an automobile used in some capacity, for some period of time, but no longer maintained as a practical and practical vehicle.”

This definition doesn’t include any used car that’s being used for rental.