LHI Care’s $2B acquisition of Carousel, its new 3-wheel car service

Carousel is a 3-wheeled car service in India.

The service has been around since 2016 and it has been growing fast.

It now offers a range of 3- wheel cars for around Rs. 6,500, which are available to customers in Delhi and Mumbai.

The new Carousel car service is a new service for India and will expand beyond Delhi and is expected to bring in about Rs. 2,000 crore annually.

The company is now planning to expand into cities and suburbs of Mumbai and other cities.

It also plans to offer a car service to the city’s taxi industry.

In India, the average annual salary of a driver is Rs. 7,500.

Carousel’s aim is to get drivers to work at the same level as their counterparts in other cities, to drive with the same cars, and to drive in the same city.

The firm said that they have invested about Rs 50 crore in this venture.

The car service will be available to the public from November.

LHI is the biggest player in the market.

It owns over 35 car services in the US and China, and has more than 30,000 vehicles in service.

The India’s automotive industry is the largest in the world, and its car fleet is growing by about 50% annually.