Tesla’s Tesla’s ‘Keeper’ car, with an autonomous mode, is ready to go to customers

The company’s “Keeper” car has been on sale in Germany since August, and is now being rolled out in the US.

But the US is not yet where the company wants it to be.

Tesla said that the car will be ready to hit the streets within months, and will be available to order online starting in the next few weeks.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk described the new “Kusher” car as “an extension of the Tesla K8, and a new Tesla K9.”

Tesla CEO Elon the Musk said the new car will “be available to customers on October 18th, 2019.”

Tesla said it plans to bring the “K9” to market “later this year,” and said that it would be “a completely new vehicle that will be built with the same passion for performance and simplicity of the K8 as the K9 is.”

“The ‘K9’ will have all the features of the existing Tesla K series, but will also be the first electric vehicle that is capable of delivering real-world driving conditions,” Musk said in a statement.

“In the coming months, we will begin testing the ‘K10’ and ‘K11,’ which will have many more features, including advanced safety systems, autonomous driving, and enhanced safety.”

In the meantime, Tesla will still be selling the “Pilot” and “K8” cars, which are not officially ready for sale yet, and are still available to purchase online.

Tesla said that “the ‘K8’ and the ‘Pilot’ will be able to operate autonomously in all conditions,” while “the K9 will be capable of autonomous driving when driving at speeds between 60 MPH and 130 MPH and will even be able drive at higher speeds than the current K series models.”

As for the “Cargo Pod,” the new Tesla car has a bigger trunk than its predecessor, with more room for passengers.

It will also feature a rear view camera that will help drivers see the road ahead, and “autonomous braking and acceleration.”

The company also said that all the new models will have an “Autopilot” feature that allows drivers to adjust the speed of the car on a dime.

The new “Cabin” will have a “more spacious cabin with a higher backrest,” a new front-facing stereo, and more space for passengers, according to Tesla.

In all, the company says that “each new Model X will have over 1,500 lbs of cargo capacity and an interior that is both spacious and comfortable, including more legroom and greater legroom for women.”

But in the meantime Tesla will be continuing to sell the Model X SUV, which will be sold in the United States as well.

At the moment, the “Model X” is still available in the U.S. in a limited number of trim levels.

But it will likely be limited to a few thousand cars, and the new Model S is still only available in select markets.

It’s not clear how many people Tesla has in its car factory in Fremont, California.

There is no word on when Tesla will launch the “X SUV” in the UK, where the new model will be introduced next month.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the number of Teslas currently available in Europe.

It is around 3,000, not 3,400.