What Apple’s Car Registration app will look like in 2019

Apple’s car registration app is getting a refresh.

The app is now available in both English and Spanish.

The app was created in collaboration with a new team of developers led by Car-Ola cofounder Rajesh Mehta, who worked on a similar app called Car-o-Share.

In the app, users can register their car and get personalized information on it like the car’s license plate number, registration plate number and registration date.

The system is designed to be easy to use and easy to share with other users.

The new version of the app will also include an in-car payment system, a virtual car, and a driver app.

It will also incorporate new features for the Apple Watch.

The Watch will be able to scan your fingerprints and scan the vehicle, and the app’s app will recognize and recognize your car’s features.

“The app will allow you to register your car in seconds and be ready to drive anywhere you want,” the developers wrote in a blog post.

Apple says that the new app will include a variety of features that will make it easier for consumers to find and register their cars, including a secure location sharing feature, a new car payment option and a new online car registration tool.

The new app, dubbed Car-iL, will be available in the US and Canada for $1.99 and in other countries for $9.99 per month.