What you need to know about Nekopoia’s medical services

The Nekampi Care Centre has opened its doors in Neopoian suburb of Karmakaram.

The centre, located in a shopping mall, is the only facility in the country to offer medical treatment for pets.

It’s run by Nekamos, a company based in Karmal and has offices in Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Its staff are trained in basic medical knowledge, with a specialist in nekopodi care for animals.

Its owner, Nekampsis wife Ritu, is a veterinarian and the centre is run by her.

In an exclusive interview, she said she started the Nekopacare Centre as a hobby and a way to make ends meet.

She said she was not paid for the services but the pets would be provided with basic veterinary care.

She said they would be given a vet’s certificate that showed they were well taken care of.

“We don’t have any other animal health centre here in Kamshetra.

We want to offer them the same kind of care,” she said.

A pet can also receive treatment for various ailments.

In a recent video posted on the Nekos Facebook page, she is seen with a healthy and active dog.

When asked how she and her husband can afford the cost of a vet, Ritu said, “We earn a living.”

Ritu and her son Rama also run a pet grooming business called Nekos Shampoo, and the shop is a favourite spot for pet owners in Kampur.

Ritu said that their shop is in the process of opening a new location and that they plan to bring the services to the other areas in the city too.

The Nekomos centre is the first veterinary clinic to be opened in Kargil.

Kargil has a population of about 4.2 million and the city’s healthcare sector is the third biggest in India after Pune and Bangalore, according to a 2013 census.

The Nekos are the first Nekopus centre to open in Kalyan.