Which cars should I buy?

With the UK’s health care system increasingly reliant on online payments, the internet is becoming a more important and potentially lucrative source of financial security.

But can a car be trusted as the ultimate online payment?

And if it’s not the car, who can you trust?

What if the car is a scam?

How do you tell if a car is an online scam?

You can’t, as long as you don’t have a good reason for not trusting it.

But the most common reasons people turn to the internet to buy a new car are the following:• The seller wants to be a bit more upfront about the car’s origins and history, or has an old car they want to sell• The car was damaged by some unforeseen circumstance (for example, a storm, a car wash accident, or a car crash)• The buyer wants to avoid having to pay a huge premium (typically a lot of money) for the car that the seller isn’t interested in sellingSource: BBC News website