Why are you thinking about your car and not getting rid of it?

It’s an easy mistake to make, especially if you’ve never been in a car dealership.

In fact, we’ve all made it at one point or another, but most people think they’ve already done it.

They’ve driven through their dealership, bought a car or two, and never driven out.

But the reality is that it’s not the same thing.

Cars have changed, and the car industry has evolved.

Today, a car is a vehicle that you can park in your driveway, take out of the garage and take on the road with confidence.

It is the future.

But in a dealership, the idea of parking a car and getting rid from it is as old as the building itself.

And while many of us will never have the luxury of having our own car, many will certainly never have to drive it.

And with a new model year in the works, the dealership industry is starting to change the way people think about their car.

“It’s going to change how people think,” says David Gorman, a retail manager for luxury car dealership Autorama.

“You can’t just go and buy a car today, you have to have a relationship with it and feel like you’re helping the dealership.”

The car industry is not always in favor of making the move from dealership to dealership.

It’s also not a perfect fit.

Buying a new car is an expensive and time-consuming process, and most dealerships will not offer you a full range of services, such as warranty coverage.

“A lot of times, if you want a car, you can’t afford the service,” Gorman says.

“If you buy a vehicle from a dealership that has the service, then that dealership will provide the service.”

For a small percentage of people, the service and the dealership can make up for the cost of the purchase.

For the most part, it is cheaper to have the car repaired than to buy a new one.

But for people who are serious about saving money, it’s a different story.

“I’m a small business owner.

I can’t drive my own car,” says Joe Johnson, a manager at Blue Hill in San Diego.

“But I love having my own brand, and having my name on the car.”

Johnson has owned the business for 15 years, and has sold a variety of cars over the years, including an Aston Martin DB10 and a BMW M3.

“A lot more people are choosing to get a dealership license,” Johnson says.

If you want to get your own vehicle, and not a dealership endorsement, then you have a lot of options.

“They have a big network of dealers, and a lot more of them are offering their services.”

It’s a situation that’s getting more common with the coming of the digital age.

A lot of people have cars, but they’re using them to get work, or just to get around.

Some of these companies offer a variety for the average customer.

And because of that, the average consumer is paying more.

“If you can get your car serviced, you’re going to save money, you’ll get the best service, and you’ll save a lot in the long run,” Giorgio Pazos, an owner of a car repair shop, says.

Pazs has owned and operated several car repair shops for more than 25 years, but says the most important part of his business is his customers.

“I want people to know that their money is well spent.”

For more information about the car buying process, check out this video from AutoTrader.com.