Why Graco has the coolest car seats in the house

Graco’s newest car seat, the new Graco B-Max, has been the subject of much speculation over the past year, including whether the car seat would actually work, or if the manufacturer would just stop making them.

But according to the car-safety company, the answer is a resounding yes.

The B-MAX has a unique design and “the most advanced technology on the market,” Graco spokesperson Kristi Hahn told MTV News in a statement.

Its all-weather seat provides a “nearly 100 percent” level of safety, with the air pressure being regulated by a proprietary air pressure sensor, she said.

The seat is made of a fabric and aluminum material that’s not only incredibly light and airtight, but also provides “an incredibly soft and flexible base for the head,” which is attached to the seat with magnets.

“The head rests on a seat base, which is secured to the base by four safety pins,” Hahn said.

“Each pin is secured by a magnet to the head, and when the magnet is fully inserted into the seat base and pushed outward, it opens the pins and slides the head into the air space.”

The seats also have an air pressure gauge on the back, so when the head is pushed to the left side of the seat, a light is lit to indicate how much air pressure there is in the airspace.

The seats have been on the shelves of stores around the world for years, so it’s no surprise they’re getting a new coat of paint.

But what’s new about the new seats is that they have a built-in GPS unit, which will be useful if you plan on using it to track where you are, Hahn added.

That GPS unit will also work with Graco cars in the future, as well as with the company’s other products, like its SmartBuddy car-seat that uses sensors and software to help parents figure out what’s best for their children.