‘You’d think’ that Carly fouls would have been a lot worse than the one we saw at the World Cup, writes Ross Douthat

The Carls have had a miserable season, and that was before the World Football Championships.

But the team has been forced to rebuild after a poor run of form and has now lost two of the three matches they have played this season.

The team has played just seven games, with the only win coming in the last game against Ecuador.

This means that Carls are just seven points behind the league leaders, Barcelona, who are the only other side in the top half of the table.

However, they have been lucky to stay in the hunt in this form.

“They’re a top team.

They’re one of the favourites, but they’ve only won two of their eight matches,” said Carls manager Carles Puyol.

“The best thing about them is that they have a lot of good players.

They can play and they can defend.

But if they play poorly, they’re just going to be in trouble.”

“There are no excuses for this team.

If you lose, you’re going to have to lose badly,” said Puyo.

“We had a couple of very bad results and we had to change a lot.

We were very good in the first half and then the second half.

It’s hard to score a goal, but the chances were there and they’re a good team.”

“If we play like that, it’s not going to matter, because they’re in the Champions League.

“Every match has been difficult, so this is good to see. “

It’s a good feeling, it gives you a bit of confidence,” added Puyolo.

“Every match has been difficult, so this is good to see.

It gives us a little boost, but if we can stay calm we can have a good result.”

The coach added that the team will be “very motivated” after they were denied a second successive victory.

“I think the biggest difference is that we didn’t play as well as we should have,” said coach Puy.

“If you’re in a team that’s struggling, you can expect to lose some matches.

We are in a position where we’re very happy with our results and it’s important to keep playing.”

If we can be consistent and give the team confidence, then we can win more games.” 

The defeat to Argentina in the World Soccer Cup was a big blow to the team, who have now lost six of their last seven matches, and it left them six points behind their rivals.

They have also played just three matches, with their only win of the season coming in a 3-2 defeat against Barcelona in the final.

We didn’t know if we would have a chance to win the game,” said midfielder Carles Pereira. “

As soon as we lost, we felt like we lost.

We didn’t know if we would have a chance to win the game,” said midfielder Carles Pereira.

“Now we know that we can’t afford to lose any more.”

“It was a very difficult game.

It was difficult for us to play.

It wasn’t easy for us.

We needed to score the first goal and I don’t think we were prepared for that,” added defender Carles Roldan. 

The Carls play their next game against Lille in a friendly on Saturday, while the team are also away to Sporting Lisbon on Wednesday.